All groundwork sessions are charged at £40 / hour.

Groundwork includes the backing process / starting under saddle; as well as long-lining, spook busting and all other areas of training, other than non-loaders.

Please expect to set aside 2 hours for the very first session.


All sessions for non-loaders / tricky loaders will also be charged at £40 / hour.

2-3 hours should be set aside for the first session. Subsequent sessions and their duration heavily depend on the severity of the case


All sessions for children from a single household will be charged at £30 / hour (maximum 2 children per session).

Group lessons for children from multiple households can be arranged (maximum 4 children per session) and will be charged at £15 / hour / child.

Please note, a responsible adult from each household must be present for the duration of the session.

Basic travel rate

All travel will be charged at 45p per mile. I serve customers from Ipswich across the whole of the East Anglia region.

Travel rate with trailer

If I am towing a trailer to use during loading training, travel will be charged at 55p per mile.