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Equine Endeavours – Susanna List

Help with all areas of horsemanship, using a calm, kind, passive leadership approach.

Based in the heart of Suffolk, covering all neighbouring counties.

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From untouched youngstock…

Horse loading

…to non-loaders….

Horses eating hay

… and everything in between!

Groundwork and behaviour training….

Whatever issues you may be experiencing, large or small, long standing or recently developed, I can help you to work through them in a logical, enjoyable and inspiring way.

Common problematic behaviours that I encounter are a lack of ground manners (a bargy horse or leading issues), leg handling, spookiness, untouched youngsters, phobias (clipping, worming, farrier), non-loaders or tricky loaders, biting, grumpiness, and many more.

I can also help with ridden problems such as rearing, napping, tacking up (girthiness, head shy) spooking in the school or out hacking, lack of ‘forward’ (or too much of it!) and rider confidence.

Or if you just want to strengthen the bond you already have with your horse, I can offer groundwork sessions catered to your particular wishes. For example, using long lining as a tool to greatly strengthen a partnership between horse and handler.

Starting under saddle….

I am able to help with the backing/starting under saddle process as much or as little as required. All work will be undertaken at your yard. I can be available to book in a block (i.e. one session every day for x-number of weeks), or in small regular sessions (such as once a week for x-number of weeks) allowing you to continue the training between my visits.

Do not worry if you do not have facilities, I am well accustomed to working with what is available; it is surprising how much can be achieved with a little imagination!

My promise to you and your horse whilst starting under saddle is that I will only go at a pace acceptable to the horse. I will only move on in the training once I feel the horse is ready. I will aim to make every step an enjoyable learning experience for both horse and owner.


Compassion, Unity and Synergy….

These three words are at the forefront of my mind in my work as a horsemanship trainer.

I strive to consistently see things from the horse’s point of view and I adapt the training to best suit their needs in the environment they are in.

I focus on teaching an owner how to achieve a deeper connection with their horse, bringing a new dimension to their relationship.

By having a greater sense of compassion and finding that connection, the solutions to common problematic behaviours then manifest themselves as opportunities to enjoy the journey with your horse, instead of reasons to give up.

The synergy that follows is powerful and unique and can be life changing for many horse/human relationships.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime to discuss your needs.