Lessons for children

I am very passionate about teaching children horsemanship skills. Riding schools do a great job at helping children experience the utter joy that comes from riding; I want to add to that experience by showing children that learning about how horses think can be heaps of fun too.

If children are given the opportunity to understand why horses behave the way they do, they will grow up to be far more compassionate horsemen and horsewomen, which can only be a good thing for horses all round.

I have taught children from age 7 upwards, using their own ponies, often incorporating games into the learning along with fun facts.

Lessons examples are anything from being able to catch the pony that doesn’t want to be caught, being able to lead the pony that just wants to pull you to the next juicy patch of grass, to understanding why ponies spook and how we can help them.

Please contact me to discuss lessons for your children (or a group of children you can round up!) and I can tailor lessons to your needs.